I have created a very special workshop, so you can experience first-hand all the benefits of organic cosmetics and enjoy it while you learn to take care of your skin in a more natural way.

In this theoretical-practical workshop you will:

  • Learn more about how the skin functions and you will discover in what condition your own skin is through an analyser and receive advice on how to keep it healthy. In addition, I will also resolve all those doubts you have about your skin but have never dared to ask.
  • Banish false myths and beliefs and I will share many tricks and tips that will surprise you and help you adopt a correct skin routine.
  • Discover the beauty secrets of Japanese women and learn how to incorporate them in your daily routine by performing the ritual with organic cosmetics.
    • Saho Method: a beauty protocol inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony. I will talk about its three essential steps: double cleansing, double moisturising and double application.
    • Layering: a thousand-year-old Japanese facial routine that consists of applying, in layers, several products to have a clean, silky and radiant face.
    • Kobido Self-Massage: KKobido means "ancient way of beauty". It is a therapy used by the ancient Japanese empresses and consists of a rejuvenating facial massage, that will help you to drain, smooth wrinkles and strengthen muscles. Also, it is very effective for reducing stress.
Descubre los Talleres de Maquillaje de Poetics Skins Sensations

All this in a relaxing environment, while we savour a tea or detox juice and take the opportunity, at the same time, to care for ourselves from the inside.

You will also get two mini samples of Poetics products along with a 100% organic cotton muslin, so you can continue practicing your own ritual at home.

The workshops are held in my small artisan cosmetics laboratory in Gijón (Marqués de Urquijo 14-bajo) and are designed for groups of six people maximum and four minimum. In this way, it will be 100% participatory and we can make the most of it.

It is a great experience for a group of friends, to celebrate something or just for all those who want to have a fun time while learning to pamper their skin with natural products and leave with a radiant and hydrated skin.

I can also adapt to other needs and can give the workshop in stores, companies or centers interested in these type of therapies and care with organic cosmetics. Write me, tell me about your idea and I will be happy to help.

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