The Revolution Begins With Your Skin

Have you been looking for natural alternatives for your conventional cosmetics that will make you feel comfortable again in your own skin?

Are you trying to find products that bring real comfort and safety to your skin, but you already have discovered that conventional cosmetics only offers you an endless list of indecipherable and often useless ingredients?

I know how frustrating this all can be, because it has happened to me, too.

If you, like me, think that the beauty industry needs a change and you believe a more honest cosmetic is possible, you have come to the right place.

It is time to revolutionize your skincare, because the real luxury, as you will discover, is natural.

Every Project Begins With a Story

Mine begins with the search for the perfect products to treat and care for my own skin.

All my life I have struggled with extremely sensitive skin. I have suffered from atopic dermatitis (eczema) since I was a child and I have been trying to keep the dreaded rosacea under control for years.

I am sure these problems were part of the reason that prompted me to become a pharmacist.

But my restlessness and passion for the world of cosmetics comes from before studying pharmacology. I have spent half my life investigating, searching, researching and testing new products and components.


The Questionable Ingredients of Conventional Cosmetics: The Starting Point


The more I researched, the more I became aware of the amount of questionable ingredients used in our cosmetics.

I realised that they were, for the most part, full of synthetic chemicals that did not contribute anything to our skin. Moreover, they could even be harmful to our health and the environment.

This discovery awakened a deep interest to find a more natural way of caring for my skin.

I began to broaden my knowledge about the benefits of plants, herbs and vegetable oils and discovered the incredible therapeutic properties of aromatherapy.

I discovered that there is no artificial ingredient that can be compared with the delicate, intricate and powerful science of nature. Therefore, the best way to treat our skin is using cosmetics formulated with 100% pure and organic ingredients and not with synthetic components created in test tubes

My Dream: Natural and Pure Cosmetics, Respectful of our Skin

There was no turning back. In my head there was only one goal: create the products myself that I was looking for as a consumer.

I needed to create an honest skincare line, made with truly organic and natural ingredients for non-conformist people looking for something different. People, as demanding as I am, who only accept the best for their skin.

My wish is simple: to offer a natural care for the skin as luxurious, effective and organic as possible.

To achieve this, I elaborate my small collection of products, with love and care, in a wholly artisan way, based on all my knowledge and experience. Always keeping in mind skins as sensitive as mine.

I also try to innovate and reflect on my passion for what I do, in each and every product I offer, creating delicious and attractive formulas with the intention of encouraging you to enjoy your beauty ritual every day.